The Other Nine-to-Five (2014 CD Album, World Wide Shipping available)



The physical CD version of 'The Other Nine-to-Five'

Released June 13th 2014

'The Other Nine-to-Five' was recorded in May 2013 in an office warehouse in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. The office employees would come in and do their 9-5 and The Buffalo Skinners would later come in and do the 'other' 9-5.

Featuring musicians; Lawrence Menard, James Nicholls, Peter Seccombe, Robbie Thompson, Anders La Source, Andrew Navarez, Vaughn Christensen, Sharon Silva and Kinsey Lee.

12 Tracks

1. Lose My Soul
2. Where Were You?
3. California Bound
4. Rosie
5. Going Home
6. You're To Blame
7. The City Has Lost All it's Charm
8. Brother
9. You Make Your Own Life Hard
10. She Makes a Fool of Me
11. He's Troubled
12. One Time Around

All Original!